Healing Tarot Offers


10.00 (was 20.00)

What do you need to trim back to get to your truth? To those healthy parts of that will help you grow and make the wisest choices? Whatever is clouding your intuition and your connection with the Divine can be pruned back, and we can clear your true vision reconnect with the Divine Truth to allow you to get a clear picture of your current circumstance.

Three to Five Cards.


22.50 (was 45.00)

Is the weight of the world seemingly pushing you down? Are the thoughts and opinions of others overrunning your ability to find your own beliefs and truth? As any good gardener knows, weeding out dangerous or intrusive plants allows your garden to grow to its full potential. By pulling out and banishing those mental, spiritual, or emotional beliefs that were not yours, but instilled upon you by others, we create space for new, beneficial beliefs to begin healing your hurt, and help you step into your own Divine Path.

Six to Eight Cards.


45.00 (was 90.00)

A sick or infected plant must have an environmental change in order to heal and grow to it's full potential, whether that be changing the soil, or bringing in a pesticide or fence to protect it from dangerous outside forces. It is time-consuming, exhausting work, and many a gardener will be left feeling discouraged at the state of their labor. This work is not for the faint of heart. Similarly, it is time-consuming, exhausting, and intense work to heal your soul. If you are easily disheartened, this is not for you. But if you have reached a dead-end in your spiritual journey, but know that there is something greater, deeper, calling to your heart and soul, this is the reading for you. Trudge through the darkness of your past, and grab hold of the Divine Light that is still sparking inside of you.

Ten to Twelve cards.

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