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  • Indigo Penn

A Former Evangelical Starts a Tarot Reading Business.

I did not plan to start a tarot reading business, and I certainly never planned to make a profit from my personal practices. So what in the world am I doing starting an online divination service?

Well, in short, plans change rapidly, and sometimes, life changes even more so. This is just one of those instances where life and the universe point you to where you are supposed to go, until that path is no longer avoidable, and you must walk down it, regardless of how you feel and how prepared you are.

Let's start at the beginning.

I grew up in a strict, evangelical, Southern Baptist culture. Churches of all denominations were everywhere, as is stereotypical of the Southern United States. As children and young teens were warned of the dangers of "The Occult," and superstitions as a form of control over your spirit. There were no explanations given, and for the most part, I did not ask. My assumption about most things is, "Well, obviously, they tell me the Bible says I can't be that, so I can't be that." What threw me off, though, was how drawn I was to talks about Wicca, witchcraft, and other "dark" and magical things in the world. Even in the Bible, I was fascinated by the addition of a witch or two. However, even though I read obscure novels about witches and alchemists and magicians in middle school, I still did not think anything of my attraction. I simply was a good Christian girl who liked stories about magic.

Fast forward to my final year of college. I was attending a large, private, conservative Christian university, and I had been questioning my faith for the entire four years I was there. I finally realized I had been drawn to the craft heavily during my middle school and early high school years, and I started researching whether those ideas could coexist within myself with my more traditional, Christian beliefs. I found an entire online community of people who had discovered the same thing.

Now, two years into this new spiritual journey, I have let go of most of my Christian beliefs, in the sense that they do not look like anything a mainstream Christian in America would profess. I have a lot of pagan, earth-based beliefs now, and I use those to my advantage in my daily life and in my personal witchcraft practice.

There was one thing I told myself I would not do: Divination.

But Indigo, you literally run a tarot reading business. How are you doing that without practicing divination?

Well, when I started out, I believed there were things Christian witches should not do. Necromancy, Love magic, and Divination.

However, what I did not understand, was that divination is not about telling the future, or predicting what is to come. It is more about taking a specific question into a reading, and using the cards, or the images that come up in other forms of divination, and digging into your subconscious mind to find the truth of where you should go or what choice you should make. You have every answer already inside of you. Divination is just a way to guide you through your own mind.

So now, I use the tarot for myself and for others. In a world that is becoming more confusing with each passing day, it is hard to sort out your own thoughts. Sometimes, having an outside source guiding those thoughts is incredibly helpful, and it can bring a greater sense of peace to your final decision.

So. A former evangelical Christian started a tarot reading business. And I welcome you along for the ride.