What is Indigo Magic?

Indigo Magic was born of the desire to serve others, while also staying in communion with the light of Christ and the Divine that creates and guides the universe. Here at Indigo Magic, we believe that Christianity has long forgotten its roots in mysticism and the inherent mystery of the universe and miracles. Working with the Holy Spirit and Holy Wisdom, we work with you to read the cards in a manner that does not predict the future, but rather discerns the will of the Divine for your life in your current moment. Confused about whether to leave your job for a new one? Having  a hard time understanding your purpose in life? Tarot can help you dig through your own thoughts and emotions to find the truth in the situation. 

One of the main beliefs here at Indigo Magic is that there is that of God in everyone. Known as the theology of Imago Dei in many denominations, it is the biblical understanding that every person, no matter their own beliefs, is made in the image of God. On a more esoteric level, this belief leads us to understand that because we have divinity within us, we are connected to the spirit of God, and we have the power of that Holy Spirit to influence and change the world, including our own lives. With that power, we help others to their highest and greatest good, to follow the path the Divine is leading them down. Tarot is the tool, the Spirit is the guide.

Meet Indigo

Indigo started Indigo Tarot in late 2019 by a leading of the Spirit. A former Evangelical Baptist now Quaker, Indigo is dedicated to learning as much as she can about esoteric theology and using it as a guide in her own spiritual practices and business. As a teenager, she was informed that she had the biblical spiritual gifts of prophecy and discernment. Now, she uses these gifts, as well as her intuition and empathy, to hone in on the leadings of God, and pull out the messages God has for the world and for you. Indigo is driven by a desire to help those who need spiritual healing, especially those who have suffered from religious abuse and misleading. Indigo is currently using her English degree to help her further understanding of Tarot, as it is based on the storytelling archetypes found in both ancient and modern literature of all cultures. Indigo is planning on furthering her abilities by studying herbalism and naturopathy in the future.

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