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Divine, holy healing is here for you. For your soul. Here at Indigo Magic, we are dedicated to using hidden knowledge such as tarot, bibliomancy, and other forms of direct divine communication to help you heal. To help you grow. We are here to help you strip away beliefs and teachings that rae no longer serving you, and hold space for you to reconnect to the Divine presence within yourself. As someone made in the Image of God, you have holiness within you, even now. Connect to that spirit and realize you have everything you need to step onto your holy path and into your divine calling already within your soul. You have the power to channel that divine Spirit and work in tandem with them and the greater Divine to enact beauty and change the world.


If this is what your soul has been longing for, look no further.


Your soul healing starts here.

How do I know these readings are right for me?

The Church has hurt you.

Do you feel alone, abandoned, or cast out? If so, you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have stepped away from their religious upbringing due to religious trauma. Rarely discussed, religious trauma leads to the silent suffering of millions around the world. If you, like so many others, feel hurt, attacked, or misled by churches, religious leaders, or their teachings, or have been directly mistreated by those who have made a holy vow to protect and nurture the least of these, I want you to know that you are not alone.

You are safe here. You are right to feel hurt. Many who walk away from organized religion turn away and never return. But there are others, like you, who have felt pain in every step away. While organized religion, with dogma, fire, and brimstone is not for you, you still believe in goodness. And with every step you've taken, you've felt it; the presence of a guiding hand, leading you down a new path. The Divine has been with you, every moment, and has guided you out of that danger into a place of healing.

The Church does not reflect the Divine Spirit you know.

While you've never been hurt by the church, does something deep within your soul feel disconnected from it? Something in the way they describe the nature of God does not resonate with you. You have experienced a mystical, mysterious Spirit, full of unknowable, yet intriguing energy. A Feminine Divine. A Nonbinary Divine. A Divine Godhead that was more than Three. Perhaps the God you were taught to believe in would strike you down at any moment for a sinful thought. But when you experienced Them in your moments of weakness, They were gentle, kind, and soothing. The Spirit you know is large, intangible yet tangible, flowing through everything and everyone all at once. Every ounce of Creation is dipped in Their nature.

The Divine does not fit in the box that was given to you through conventional Church teachings. Holy Wisdom now guides you down a new path, a blended path. One where She is tangible, breathable. One where the Word is truly alive, and continues to speak through many different modes to this day. The Bible, while a beautiful book full of rich history and story, is not the only way the Divine speaks to you, and now you are looking for new ways to connect with the Wisdom you know you can access.

You respect or feel connected to other paths.

Do you feel as though the teachings of the Church are incomplete, or are better taken as advice for life rather than the only way to live? While many are warm to Christ's teachings, and to many ideas presented by the Church, there are also those who feel as though these teachings are lacking. If this is you, welcome to the club! Whether it be Buddhism, Taoism, or perhaps an ancestral practice, such as Paganism, Native American Practicese, or Traditional African Religions, many of these also resonate within our souls. Christianity, despite what many try to make us believe, is compatible with many other belief systems. The blended path is a beautiful one to walk, yet it often leads to confusion and a lack of belonging in many circles.

Here at Indigo Magic, we believe that it is integral to your spiritual health that you have a place within esoteric or alternative faith practices that also allows you to explore your relationship with the Christian understanding of the Divine. Many new-age believers feel as if Christian beliefs are outdated, but may still resonate with and wish to commune with that Spirit or Divine Wisdom. If that is your story, we are here to facilitate that communication.

You feel called to magic, but are unsure if it can be a holy path.

Magic and Christianity existed in harmony for centuries, and it was not until the beginning of the European Witch Hunts that magic was considered devil worship. Even key verses used to condemn witches and magic users have been refuted and retranslated in modern days. Do you feel called to work with angels and Spirit to help others heal? Or do you feel called to work in tandem with The Great Physician to create herbal remedies for pain and illness? Many traditions in Christianity have pagan or magical roots, and while it has been stifled by the modern Church, it has never disappeared.

Indigo Magic is here to guide you through a time of discovery, and give you a safe place to discover your true inner magic and potential. Now is the time to tap directly into your inner Divinity and step into the power that They have bestowed upon you.


Deconstructing and reconstructing faith is hard, and oftentimes pulling up the past and examining it in order to move on is painful. But you do not have to go through that pain alone. Your search for a direct line of connection to the Divine has led you here.

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